Saturday, April 12, 2008

A great metaphor--from 'Caffection'

Living in Hawaii a few years ago, we spent time on the ocean paddling a two-place canoe, just the two of us on blue water, surrounded by cresting waves, breaching whales, and dolphins guiding our way. When we paddled out of our safe harbor and onto the vast Pacific, our bond became more than a mere social, economic, or legal entity. Our union became a shared exercise in survival and trust, as wave after wave met our fragile little craft, and we relied on acquired skills—and each other—to meet the challenge and stay upright--to avoid the 'Huli', or capsizing.
Our paddling was a useful metaphor for our caffected life together. On the sea-green Pacific swells we were surrounded by elements that appeared harmless, but could, with inattention or a casual attitude have turned against us instantly. The water was deep. In its depths lived creatures that would have us for a snack if they chose to do so. Rogue waves with brutal power could swamp us in a heartbeat. Sounds a bit like real life, doesn’t it?
So, can caffection save your life? Why take a chance? Don't be a snack. Avoid the Huli. Get Caffection today.

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