Sunday, June 29, 2008

Road Trip

Is the great American Road Trip dead?  Maybe.  And maybe that's not such a bad thing, especially if you're one of the elite caffected couples out there.  High gas prices may keep a lot of families home, or close to it this summer.  Couples who already know how to spend time together, and actually enjoy each others' company won't mind.  Let's face it, stalled with an overheated radiator in Tucumcari, at nine at night, with a car full of hungry, screaming kids, and a spouse mentioning the engine tune-up that didn't get done isn't exactly the vision of serenity.  There's a lot be said for a night at home for a Coen brothers festival, popcorn, a decent white zinfandel, and bed by midnight knowing you can sleep as late as you want.  Or a kitchen table round of Trivial Pursuit with Chex-Mix, Mike's Hard Lemonade, old 70's & 80's hits on the stereo, and who cares who wins?
Caffection has many advantages.  High gas prices may as well, if we're willing to look for them. 

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Captain Mary said...

Thanks for the comment on my fishing forum, my family just got back from a rv trip and the smallest thing on their mind was gas prices. We have it good in this country and don't even know it. Granted it hurts but you only have one life, go for it.