Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Touch of Caffection

Tender, non-sexual touch. It can be the most powerful way of bonding in a marriage. Here's a passage from our e-book, A Marriage of Caffection: Take a warm bath together. Wash each other all over. Let yourselves regress back to childhood, when your mom or dad gave you a bath and you didn’t worry about who saw what. Relax, let go, enjoy yourselves. Bathing together is one of the most intimate things you can do.

Then towel off, take massage oil or lotion, and retire to the quiet room. Take your time. Take turns. Touch each other all over. Release whatever inhibitions you may have, and trust the person you’re in love with to be as gentle and loving as you will be with them. Experiences like this bond people in a caffected marriage. Trips to Paris are a fine thing. New cars in the driveway are, too. Buying a new home together is a way to prove any relationship.

Try it tonight. It's a great way to escape the speed of life.

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