Monday, July 14, 2008


They say that we should do what we feel passionate about, and the rest will follow.  Imagine Vincent Van Gogh painting because he didn't know how to play piano, or Tiger Woods golfing because bowling intrigued him, but he never had the ambition to learn it.  Imagine Nelson Mandela sitting in Robbin Island prison for twenty-seven years because he couldn't think of a better life!
Passion is what drives those who excel at whatever they do. And caffected couples understand that passion is what makes a marriage truly excellent, and exemplary.  Bogie & Bacall, Edward the 8th & Wallis Simpson, Bonaparte & Josephine, Romeo & Juliet--the bottom line?  Passion.  And the amazing thing is--it's a choice, and it's FREE!
                   Got Caffection?
Today in history: Bastille Day 1789 The start of the French Revolution, (speaking of passion).
Famous Birthday: Passionate folk singer Woodie Guthrie 1912.  

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