Sunday, August 10, 2008

Living Large

Living large is coming.  We wrote previously of a paradigm shift in our culture, and it's as real as the headlines of doom and gloom.  The difference is, this change in the weather is for a very good thing.  Living small has its advantages: a perception of safety; blending in; strength in numbers.  But living small is a lot like dying a little every day; it's avoiding the big WHY because we're afraid.  
And what is the biggest fear?  Is it shame, or embarrassment, or failure?  Huh-uh--the biggest fear, we contend, is fear of success.  Fear of success makes us stay away from that one, fundamental, branded-in-our-DNA purpose for which we were put here.  And we avoid that purpose with a lot more passion sometimes than it would take to pursue it.  Aren't we funny?  Yes, and then we laugh at ourselves and our fearful mentality, and put off for another day dropping everything and getting after it--the reason we exist at all, the big WHY, and go back to living small.  Too bad.  
Living large isn't easy, or safe, or predictable, or even fun somedays--it's just necessary, that's all.  Or we're just hanging around in God's waiting room afraid, and, sadly, well attended.
We can sit around in our own hidden corner rusting away, or we can jump onto the ice at Rockefeller Center under the watchful gaze of Prometheus, and catch the fire.   

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