Friday, September 26, 2008


The term lover is a rather odd one when you think about it. Odd, because choosing to live with someone, and share a life with them, including all the up down sideways and across that makes a life these days, it would seem odd indeed to share all that with someone you just 'liked'. But when someone refers to their lover, it connotes a secretive, clandestine 'other', a person under wraps from a spouse, and not discussed.
We call each other lover all the time, and it's understood in no uncertain terms that we mean each other. Caffection is like that; we're lovers in every way there is, joined at the heart, with no daylight between us. They said it would last six months. That was ten years ago, so perhaps they were right. It has lasted six months, plus another 96 into the bargain. Lovers are odd people. We really do see only each other, think about each other, sleep and wake up with each other. Very odd. And exhilarating. And satisfying. And the way a marriage should be. And that's not odd. That's even. Even better than it appears. Got Caffection?

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