Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pass It On

As you know, we enjoy being able to help organizations that provide great value to others.  A few months ago we read about one such organization, CAMP Get-A-Well-A .   Imagine being a kid and getting to go to camp while you're in the hospital.    "I want to be back at camp! They made me come back to the hospital!"

Yesterday we received a handwritten note from JoLanne Hansen, the camps’ Executive Director, asking us to “tell 5 people you see tomorrow about it.”  Since our blog is a superb communication tool, we’d like to ask you to do the same… “tell 5 people you see tomorrow about it.”  Any contribution, especially emailing this to 5 people you know as well as sending positive thoughts & prayers  will allow CAMP-Get-A-Well-A to keep making a difference.  So during this time of highly charged politics, take a break from politics, share this with your Caffected best friend and pass this on.  That's what CAFFECTION is all about; make a difference, you'll be glad you did..

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