Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cloud memory

We often miss things that made us feel fulfilled, engaged, whole, things that happened long ago and can never be again. As children we all played the name that cloud game: a friend would point to a cloud formation, and ask what it looked like. Of course we always said it resembled a dragon, or a clown, or a sailing ship. The exercise may have revealed what we most wanted to see. Whatever the cloud was, that's who or what we were or wanted to be as well. But silly kid's games fade away as we grow up and leave such nonsense behind.
So next time you're walking with your mate, point to a cloud, and ask them what they see. Their answer may surprise you, or not. Sharing such revelations as clouds provide makes us feel fulfilled and energized, too. Just like a couple of kids playing a silly game. Such nonsense as naming clouds can bond us in ways we haven't known since childhood.

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