Monday, December 29, 2008

Relationship Status: MARRIED - when legal
Our mission is to energize relationships, and celebrate an elite status--Caffection. We believe in affirming positive successful relationships.

We believe in marriage. We believe those who choose to marry should be married to their best friend. Having a best friend relationship is the most romantic thing in the world. It's sexy as hell. Just walking down the street together holding hands people notice how attractive you are, and they want it, too. That's our mission: to make marriage between best friends a status to be celebrated. Marriage is for Everyone!
Recently we've had many people in long term caffected relationships, tell us they would be married, if they were legally allowed to be. America, with liberty and justice for all, or almost all. It's time. Time for a grass-roots campaign for equality. Let's start where everyone is looking: Facebook. A friend of ours had this comment; I wish that Facebook would offer "would be married if legally available" as a relationship status.
Who knows someone at Facebook who can make this happen? Great, let's get started.

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