Tuesday, January 13, 2009



That's what they call them. Blogs. we seem to live a lot of our lives these days in front of a cold, unfeeling device that we can get pretty attached to. And blogging is one way we reach out through the magic of computers to get a sense of what the rest of the world is doing. In one of her better efforts, singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter sang of being "knee deep in a river, drowning of thirst". One of the primary messages of our Caffection seminars is that life ISN'T a blog, but a chance to put our real selves out there and shine. We say that life is a feast, and most people are starving to death. Another message we send to everyone is this: being married to your best friend may sound like a quaint, 'cutesy' message, but it's a reality we don't just blog about, we live it every day. 99% is a sin. Here's a blogged challenge for you: starting tomorrow--make that today--instead of blogging, tell your mate I love you madly, deeply, truly & forever. They won't blog back; they'll be all over you.

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