Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is Married (Caffected) Sex Better?

You bet it is. How many of you can't even imagine the dating scene?! A question we hear is, "Can a marriage maintain sexual excitement over time?" Absolutely. It even gets better! And here are 6 fun ways to do just that:
1) Carry around a note (affirmation) in your pocket that says I love being with my sexy mate.
2) Text a seductive message to your lover.
3) Put a juicy note in their lunch bag.
4) Wear an outfit you know turns them on.
5) Call them when they're on their way home from work and breathe heavily in the phone.
6) Invite them into the bedroom with lit candles, incense, and music awaiting. Then strip them naked and do a strip-tease for them. Give them a massage--if you can make it that long.

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