Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Passion is a funny thing: since starting Caffection, and interacting with people around it, we've been asked a number of times why we're doing it, and what our 'agenda' is. Here's what we tell them. Passion is who we are. It's the only thing we know. It's what defines our relationship, how we view the world. Someone once said that life is a feast and most people are starving to death. We're a bit odd insofar as we're devouring things at a pace that seems to bother a lot of people. When we walk hand in hand, do a PDA, or go through our 'lop' in public, we get a lot of stares. We're used to it. Another way to think about passion is to consider it energy. We put a lot of energy into each other and we also, by the way, put a lot of energy into our seminars for couples. Nothing happens without energy, and we believe there's no shortage.

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