Thursday, February 19, 2009

Healthful Marriage

Married people live longer, enjoy life more, are more stable, eat better, have more and better sex, typically don't smoke, and take better care of themselves and each other. This is just one of many reasons we advocate marriage equality and the attainment of 'caffected marriage' for everyone. Coming soon is our latest creation from Caffection Press, a handy little booklet (e-book, too) that goes into a lot of detail on the how, why, when and why not of healthful marriage. The book has chapters on history of marriage, the community of marriage, date night (25 ready-made dates including meals, wine, flowers, music, you name it--cool, marriage dollars and cents & money styles, the big WHY, and last but by no means least--S-E-X! and why it really is better when you're married. Keep checking for Coming soon to a website near you.

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