Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Split Seconds

Our lives can turn in a split second, altering and detouring in ways we never could have imagined. We've all looked back as a wreck occurs at an intersection we just passed; a friend phones us one afternoon full of cheer and good tidings, and then passes away during the night; a child steps between two cars to retrieve a ball, tires scream, and someone's life is changed forever. We've all been there; this 'life event' has happened to all of us. This is yet another reason we need to heed the gentle voice of reason and serenity and default to love and kindness. There's a saying: "As long as we are capable of anger, there are lessons to be learned."
Here's our thought for this day, and for many: as long as people actively seek to deny their fellow human beings something they take for granted, that denial is a physical manifestation of anger. Particularly if the granting of that benefit, right or resource costs us nothing, and instead increases the amount of love and compassion in the world, that denial is not only suspect, it is indicative of deep seated insecurity and hate. If so, the owner of those emotions needs to do some hard work to raise their emotional intelligence level. Remember, as Wayne Dyer says: "Always choose kind".

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