Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Potential

We frequently ask people what marriage means to them. The wonderful stories that they share always amaze us. Now,with the help of Facebook we've been privileged to hear even more. One of the most exciting things is the potential. The potential? Yes, the potential good that will come to the sanctity of marriage once it's opened to ALL who love, nurture and care for one another in their Caffection. After reading this heartwarming story from the couple above: "Theresa and I met in FL. and fell in love but because of the laws there we could not marry. When I answered my "call" to ministry we moved to Boston in a state that has marriage equality. We were the 1st couple to get married in the brand new Wilson Chapel on the campus of Andover Newton Theological School. There is nothing that makes me as happy as to introduce Theresa as my wife." and watching this video meticulously created by Ricky & Anthony in anticipation of their future family as well as numerous other stories, we understand our passion for equality has a solid foundation. Let's take every opportunity to promote marriage for everyone.

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