Saturday, April 11, 2009


Spring is here, and time for all manner of new awakenings. We've been to a number of rallies over the past months. Some in bitter cold; some in the not so cold; one indoors this past week that felt for all the world like a filming of a 'We are the World' clip, with its ambiance, impromptu nature, and atmosphere of warmth. Preferring warmth, we liked the indoors version. The event was a gathering at AIDs Task Force of Greater Cleveland to make a video. The featured performer was Tom Goss, who led us through a rendition of his recent hit, 'Till the End'. We managed to get through the song in pretty good form, I think. The event was to draw attention to Cleveland's recent referendum on a couples registry there, which the religious right is fighting tooth and nail. Check out our video at the link provided, or, if you want to see the polished video of 'Till the End', go to The music clip is currently featured on the landing page there. Enjoy, and Happy Spring!

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