Tuesday, May 5, 2009


People ask us why we are so involved in affirming healthy, vibrant relationships, and even though we're somewhat used to it, and even expect it, the question always catches us by surprise. "Why?" they say. "What's in it for you?"
Here's the truth of it: we have a relationship that can't be described in words, only in actions toward each other. We, too, have felt the glare of judgmental elements in society telling us with their looks, gestures and body language, that we're too open, too demonstrative in our love for each other. We've been encouraged--strongly at times--to tone it down, behave, be considerate of others' discomfort at our open affection and simple joy at being with each other. And when we look at our gay and lesbian friends we see the exact same thing--a society that disdains their open affection, their public disclosure of love for each other, their disregard for others' discomfort.

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Tim said...

Mariah and Byron, this is simply spectacular. Thank you for being who you are--openly loving and affectionate, not just with one another, but with everyone!