Monday, June 22, 2009


Isn't it amazing how far we've come in such a short time? Our LGBT friends rightfully wish we'd come even further toward full equality, but imagine even five years ago the conservative, heartland state of Iowa recognizing the right to marry for everyone. Imagine as little as ten years ago lesbians and gays openly running for public office--and winning--being ordained into their respective ranks of clergy, adopting needy kids or having their families identified as normal as apple pie. If this isn't progress we don't know what is. Now imagine ten years hence when the demographic steamroller plows away the last vestiges of fear, homophobia and disdain, allowing us to direct our attention and all row together, like the well-coordinated team above, to address universal problems like hungry kids, poverty, needless disease, inadequate health care and the vexation of religion-based hatred & confrontation.

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Tim said...

Mariah and Byron, how glad I am to finally get back over here after too long a time consumed by work. And how glad you make me to come back to this post! Change that lasts never comes quickly--certainly never soon enough for those whose lives and happiness depend on it.

Naturally, we in the gay community (including wonderful straight allies like you) grow impatient and tend to forget the astounding progress we've made because our movement forever keeps us looking ahead. We must always remember--and be grateful for--how far we've come in order to summon the courage to face how far we've yet to go. Thanks for reminding us to measure our steps in years rather than minutes. It's a message we need to hear over and over.

Your commitment to personal fulfillment and social justice never ceases to inspire me. May the blessings you share so freely return to you many times over.