Monday, July 13, 2009


It's not often we allow ourselves the luxury of a good laugh, but we need to do that once in a while. We do tend to take ourselves much too seriously, especially now when the economy is lower than whale poop. So here are a few of the latest & greatest chuckles--all of which are easily used in so-called polite company.

Fellow barges into his shrink's office screaming and raving--"I'm a wigwam; I'm a teepee--I'm a wigwam;I'm a teepee!!"
His shrink says, "Settle down you're too tense."

"Doctor, I think I'm suffering from deja-vu"
"Didn't I see you yesterday?"

"Doctor, come quick--my son swallowed a pen! What do I do?"
"Use a pencil till I get there."

Then there was the dim-witted fellow stopping traffic by standing outside his car doodling on a notepad. The police officer asked what the heck he was doing? Continuing his doodle, the fellow stated--"The sign says draw bridge"

And finally--The teacher asked little Freddy why they were called the dark ages?
Freddy said simply, "Because there were so many knights!"

Enjoy--and take care of each other.

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