Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reconnecting With Your Spouse

What happens when the kids finally do leave home? It seems as if life with children is lived in stages; when they get out of diapers, when child care issues aren't a consideration, when shuttling kids to & from activities is over, when they get their driver's license (yikes!) when they go off to college, when they move out (after they've moved home again).
Then comes this question we may ask ourselves, "Who is this person I married so long ago and what was it that brought us together in the first place?"
Over the next few weeks we'll share stories of couples who've worked through some of the challenges the empty-nest can bring, as well as ways to enrich your marriage.
One of the stories includes how one couple rebuilt their communication by using a traveling journal. Tune in soon for details on how this fun (and free) tool can enrich your life too.

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