Sunday, March 30, 2008

What exactly is Caffection?

What makes being married to your best friend so great? Mostly the Connection together with the affection. Caffection!
What exactly is caffection?
You + Me = WE ‘We’ is what makes caffection CAFFECTION! The black for the white. The butter for the bread. The in for the out. The up for the down. The night for the day. The fork and the spoon, the sun and the moon. The list could go on and on. You rarely have one without thinking of the other.
We think everyone should be married to their best friend. Life’s too short to live any other way. An added note, we feel it’s unfortunate that not all soul mates, best friends, kindred spirits are allowed to be ‘married’. If you’re sharing your life with your best pal, you are in our eyes caffected and that’s the best way to live.
Caffection became our word for the connection and affection we share. We have a deep regard for one another, almost as if we’re one. When Byron is in pain, I feel it. When I had surgery, he truly wanted to endure the challenges I had during my recovery. Though some people may not understand this, I simply couldn’t make it through a day without seeing him, much less talk to or email him several times a day. It’s just true.
It may seem odd, yet if you have IT, you know IT. And we would say you and your mate are CAFFECTED.

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Max and Me said...

You guys have a BLOG! You should have told me! Suppose you would have if I was CAFFECTED. STill praying for the other part of the equation. Tell me everything going on! You owe me an email! Love you guys! T
PS- Did you move?!