Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love rituals

Having a tough time at the speed of life? Can't seem to make you or your spouse's schedules match up? Here’s an idea. Find a spare room--empty bedroom, walk-in closet, furnace room if need be, and turn it into a meditation room. Darken the walls. Furnish the place with very little--a stand for candles, a small stereo, floor pillows. Heavy shades will enhance the mood. Install a lock on the door. Better yet, make the room off limits to anyone under the age of thirty, or shorter than three feet. Make that four feet. And no pets, either. Take your hour per week, or day, or whatever you decide, and go there. Light the candles. Draw the shades. Put on some a cappella chant, or Tim Janis, Enya, or Secret Garden on the stereo. Stretch out together on the pillows, and just listen to each other breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Do this ritual more than three times in a row and we guarantee you’ll make it part of your sanity routine forever.

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