Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Opp-o-tunity: Rain? Or Rainbows?

The new (to us) theory of Appreciative Inquiry turns a lot of what we've heard, learned, and believed on its head. AI is a premise stating that it's not enough to mentally discount negative inputs and influences, we have to go beyond that and believe only in the positive aspects of all we want and desire. As an example, we all have a tendency to focus on mistakes, lapses, errors in our surroundings. Look at the word in the title to this blog. What do you see? Yes, it appears we forgot the 'R', a typo, how can that be?!
In zeroing in on the missed letter, we missed the Opp-o-tunity wrapped all around it! This is an illustration of the influence a constant seeking for errors can have. Rain, or Rainbows? It really is a choice.

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