Sunday, June 22, 2008


I find them in the most interesting places--lunch bag, sock drawer, taped to the steering wheel, in a library book (how did she do that?), even scribbled on the bathroom mirror in lipstick, or toothpaste. SHMILY*. And I hide them for her to find, also. In pockets of her scrub pants, inside her sandwich wrapper, even once in a suitcase that she'd packed. (How did he do that?) SHMILY. See How Much I Love You. It's a fine, fun, free tradition that bonds us even more deeply, and maybe even cheers us up when we find the little notes on a crummy day at work.

There's a tale attached to the tradition. For the origin of the SHMILY you should Google the acronym, or go to
Try it. You never know where a SHMILY might show up.
*(©1998 Laura Jeanne Allen)

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