Sunday, July 20, 2008

Best friends forever

Okay, so what does it mean to be best friends?  And why is it we're so squeamish about using that designation?  It wasn't hard when we were seven.  It seemed easy at age eleven.  Seemed even easier at fourteen when we ached to be part of a clique, and to have one special person who knew all our secrets, foibles, fears and aspirations.  So what is a best friend at any age, and why should we expect to be married to them?  
Our answer to that question is the reason we started this celebration of 'caffected' relationships; our response is why in the world would you marry anybody else?  See the definition above?  One special person.  Knows your secrets.  Knows your foibles, fears, aspirations.  Does this sound like someone you'd want sharing your space, your kitchen, your car, your bed, your living and dining room, your romantic interludes, your life?  It does to me. One of the best reasons to be married to your best friend is so you can get in touch once again with your inner seven-year-old, and to have a mate who encourages that.  On the wall in our study we have a little sign that says: "Could it be any more obvious?"  No, it could not: everyone should be married to their best friend.  Got caffection?  Congratulations.
Today in History: Neil Armstrong 1st man to walk on the moon  1969.
Famous Birthday: Sir Edmund Hillary 1st of two men to walk atop Mt. Everest Born 1919

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