Thursday, July 17, 2008

July Heat

Mark Twain said everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.  So, here's what we're doing about it.  We're making an effort to NOT complain about it.  Our philosophy is that whining just adds to the heat, and not the light, so we don't do it.  Here are a few alternatives to July heat: more heat; rain; drought; too cool; too humid; not warm enough to swim; not cool enough to picnic.  Notice the common denominator?  There's not a blessed thing we can do about any of those.  So why waste the energy?  Instead, let's see what the positive side is: we're alive (that's pretty good); we're healthy; we live in the greatest nation on earth; we have people who love us (that's really good); we eat regularly; we sleep indoors; and we (usually) have enough cash to see us through.  In short: life is good.  If you're caffected with your mate, life is perfect.  Got Caffection?
Today in History: Disneyland opened in Anaheim California in 1955.
Famous birthday: Peter Schickele, aka P.D.Q. Bach, born in Iowa in 1935.   

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