Friday, July 18, 2008

Celebration Ideas coming soon

Just a preview of what will be available to you on our great website coming soon: E-books!  We have a series of E-books that you'll want to check into.  One series is titled You Know You're Caffected When...  Each one is addressed to a specific audience.  We have one book for long-term couples, another for dreamers, another for older couples, another for lovers of the sea, one for lovers of music etc. etc.    
Another set of E-books is only for a select few caffected couples: those who are always looking for new ways to become more intimate with each other.  This set is titled Journal Across the Sheets, and is a monthly, thirty-day booklet those select few will use to write to each other every night--in bed--just prior to lights out, or anything else.
We intend to add value to these products--complimentary items to assure our commitment to couples we intend to help celebrate their love and Caffection.  It's what we're about.
Today in History: Nadia Comaneci given the first perfect 10 score in Olympic history 1979
Famous Birthday: Ohio Senator, and first American to orbit earth John H. Glenn jr.  1921  

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