Monday, July 28, 2008

Sex Over Forty

This week's book review.  Yes, anything with 'sex' in the title attracts attention.  But the fundamental attraction to Dr. Saul H. Rosenthal's Sex Over 40 is the book's absolute commitment to objective, scientific, evidence-based facts on the sexual lives of forty-year-olds and up.  For mature men and women seeking authoritative, non-prurient knowledge about their bodies, and the pleasure they still (imagine!) derive from sexual activity of all kinds, Dr. Rosenthal's book is a must read.  From the use & function of Viagra, effects of age on erectile function, sexual changes in men & women over forty, vaginal dryness, sex post-hysterectomy, and on and on, Rosenthal addresses his topic from both a clinical and humane perspective, without any of the pandering references often found in some 'how-to sex books'.  This is good information packaged with clear, understandable prose, in a way that doesn't insult one's intelligence or sensibility.  If you're over forty, and you want to enjoy a more fulfilling sexual relationship with your SO, or you're any age and seek knowledge for its own sake, this book is a fount of information.  Dr. Rosenthal is also editor of the Sex Over Forty Newsletter.
Sex Over Forty ©1999 Saul H. Rosenthal M.D.  Tarcher/Penguin Books     

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