Monday, July 28, 2008


A series of e-books we offer from Caffection Press is You Know You're Caffected When...  Number title in this series is simply  YKYCW For Lovers.  In this particular book, one page states "You know you're caffected when... celebrate your anniversary--in months!  If you celebrate your anniversary in months, chances are good that you're caffected.  Congratulations.  Romance never gets old, and a love affair with your best friend is far and away the best of everything.  Tomorrow Mariah & I will have been married (and caffected) for 100 months.  We still find novel ways to surprise and delight each other.  Between us we have likely written several thousand pages back and forth, sharing thoughts, marking our days and nights together, a longstanding silent journal of our caffected relationship.  It never gets old.  Soon the entire set of YKYCW e-books (and real books) will be available from Caffection Press.  Check back with us; the website is nearly ready, and when it is there will be a delightful array of books we offer you to enhance and celebrate your own elite status as caffected couples.  (Wait'll you see Journal Across the Sheets.  You'll start your own written history.) 
Today in History: Start of World War 1  1914.
Famous Birthday: British children's author Beatrix Potter  1866   

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