Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Book Review When I Loved

This week we review a simple quotation book that manages a serious look at a very real problem for a number of people: low self esteem, and its corrosive affect on one's life.  When I Loved Myself Enough, by Kim McMillen is a simple work that, in the tradition of books such as Richard Paul Evans' The Christmas Box, was written as a private offering, then passed from friend to friend until it found an audience, and eventually a publisher.  Ms McMillen, using her down-to-earth philosophy, acts as her own therapist to elicit real change in her life, and to find the person she comes to 'love myself enough'.  When I Loved Myself Enough contains timeless wisdom to heal, and to share her own journey with any who read it.  My personal favorite is on page 14 "When I loved myself enough...  I let the Tomboy in me swing off the rope in Jackass Canyon.  Yes!
When you read Kim McMillen's When I loved Myself Enough you will share a secret that no psychological tome can transmit: Time is short--love yourself, or love of others is not possible. As if in foreshadowing, the book's message of life's brevity proved ominous; Kim McMillen died shortly before completing her book, passing its author-ity to her daughter Alison.  
When I Loved Myself Enough©  1996 Kim McMillen  St. Martin's Press 175 Fifth Ave.  New York NY  10010

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