Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Website Details

Our website caffection.com is coming along nicely.  We're itching to get it up and running, hopefully by mid-August, at which time our loyal readers will be in for a major treat.  Since we've not discussed details of Caffection.com thus far, we'll lift the lid just a bit, and give you a peek at what's brewing:
This daily blog will continue and be incorporated into the site; you'll have access to daily quotes, weekly affirmations, a monthly newsletter, and random announcements of various relevant content; you'll want to check into our Romantic Getaway page dedicated to discerning couples on the lookout for exclusive travel sites & intriguing adventures; interactive sections include sharing warm, affectionate stories of your relationship, humorous anecdotes, reasons for visiting Caffection.com, and a section titled You Know You're Çaffected When...  Plus much more content, ideas, free complementary items, and the Caffection Store with our branded products available only to elite couples who are truly caffected, and revel in that status.  The Caffection website is simply the only place to celebrate a truly wonderful marriage--Yours.  Stay tuned.
On this date in History: The Declaration of Independence was read in public for the first time, in Philadelphia.
Birthday today--Mr. Six degrees of separation, Kevin Bacon, born in 1958.    

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