Sunday, August 3, 2008

Abundance Vs Scarcity

What we expect is what we get.  Whatever we focus on expands, until it becomes our reality.  These sound like hollow words, just another set of euphemistic fluff that no one really believes but sound good, and look good on the printed page.  But think about the last time you expected to have a good time at a party, or at the movies.  We're you surprised?  What about the last time you dreaded facing a co-worker, or a colleague who caused you a problem?  Going in, if you expected confrontation, what did you get?
Just so, if we expect abundance, we'll get abundance regardless of what's available.  If we expect scarcity, guess what?  No amount of whatever it is will seem sufficient.  We had this experience yesterday at Trader Joe's, a shee-shee grocery store here in Columbus.  We expected great food, a terrific selection, beautiful presentation, and an accordingly high price.  But we were pleasantly surprised at the final tally, which was less than we anticipated.  We got the quality we expected, but at a much lower cost.  The lesson is that we should expect abundance, and it will be our reality in whatever form.

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Captain Mary said...

Thank you for visiting my website, I do enjoy yours and find good lessons to be had. If living could be so easy, we would all do it. I find a way to enjoy everything and if I can't find something then its best I don't return to it. I am so glad that there are people who enjoy the simple things in life, for thats what is important.