Friday, August 22, 2008

Hallmark of Progress

We should all find a reason to purchase a Hallmark greeting card this weekend.  Here are a few reasons: a birthday; a non-birthday; an anniversary; a wedding; just because; let's make up; let's get together; thank you; too bad; get well, and the list goes on.  But here's the best reason: Hallmark, the premier greeting card & remembrance/feel good company in the world has recognized that gay people are being married, and this should be recognized for the joyful event it is.  The decision by one of America's corporate giants sends a powerful message.  People are people, we fall in love regardless of our (fill in the blank), and our desire to marry our beloved is genuine, apolitical, real and legitimate.  Marriage is the ultimate status between two devoted people.  The more people join this wonderful, soul-satisfying state the better off we'll all be.  As we've said in this blog many times, the more the marrier, so to speak.
So here's an even better idea.  Let's do a bit of research, track down three recently married couples, and send them a card--anonymously!  And buy the cards from Hallmark.
One of our cards goes to Ellen and Portia in California.  Congratulations you two.  All the best.    

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