Saturday, August 23, 2008

Other Best Friends

The Caffection blog is almost five months, and 170 postings old.  Since its inception on March 29th, we've enjoyed a number of now faithful readers from all over the map.  Other best friends, I suppose you could say.  Mary from Sanford Florida checks in regularly, an anonymous visitor from Strongsville Ohio, someone from New South Wales Australia, another from Hungary, yet another from British Colombia Canada, and several other from around the world.  This is why we started the blog, to interact with people who share our passion about married best friends, and those who desire that status.  So today our thanks go out to all those readers who keep coming back, and to ask once again what you'd like to see us address.  The Caffection website will be open very soon, (worry not, the blog continues on the site), offering new opportunities to communicate with us and each other.  The website is highly interactive, with lots of interesting, useful tools everyone can use to, in a way, craft the site as our contacts want it.  Caffection's not about us, after all, we already have it.  Caffection is about celebrating everyone else out there who has it, and deserves the recognition.
So thanks for reading, friends, and keep coming back.  

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