Friday, August 1, 2008

Romantic Best Friends

There's no contradiction in being romantic best friends.  This is not a misprint.  Lovers, caffected married people, have the elite status of having it all.  If there's a better definition of wealth, we're not sure what it is.  This wealthy status extends to every aspect of a relationship, including so-called end of life issues.  For caffected couples there can be no sadder event than a death of one member of the relationship.   When a loved one passes on there are so many items needing attention that, regardless of how diligent we are beforehand, there always seems to be something missed, some detail left out of the planning.  
To assist with that, Caffection Press has created a helpful guide that covers nearly all those items, and can be filled out in advance.  It will be available soon, for free, on our website.  Just look for Last Will & Caffection, and download it with our compliments.  Coming soon.  
So being Romantic best friends covers a lot of ground, including a part of life we'd rather not think about.  Tomorrow we'll discuss a few more exclusive items available soon from Caffection.  We have e-books, books, romantic gift items, 'boovies', journals, and much more.  Stay tuned.  Your lover will be grateful you found our site, and you'll come back again and again, especially since there will be separate items available only to certain clients who expect the highest quality, and for whom price is secondary.

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All moments remembered said...

Great blog! We just dealt with my father inlaws death. He knew it was coming and was so prepared that we have hardly had to do a thing. I might be able to put some input in as soon as life slows down just a bit. My husband and I are about to do up new wills because of the reminders from my father inlaws death. Of course you and I would meet now. I so believe all things happen for a reason.
Thanks for visiting my site.