Saturday, August 2, 2008

Romantic Travel Destinations For Married Best Friends

The Eiffel Tower, according to Wikipedia, is one of the most recognized structures in the world and has had more than 200 million visitors since its construction in 1889. So popular is this massive icon, that you only need to type eiffel tower into the search bar of Google to find "about 7,820,000 results" in a mere 0.09 seconds (we love Google, we could do a blog on the perks of google---maybe we will!)
Since our planned Sept 2001 trip to Paris was cancelled, the Eiffel Tower remains solidly at the top of our romantic vacation wish list. We'd love to hear your recommendations, as well as your fun Paris stories. or

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smart shopper mei said...


I stumbled upon your blog. I also dreams and plans to visit Paris, hopefully with my SO. The Eiffel tower is just a remarkable landmark.