Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Storming into the Future

After living on Kauai, where electrical storms  were few and far between, we realized how much we enjoy witnessing the power & spectacular light show one brings.  We've found the same to be true of the power of the internet.  We're hearing from people all over the world of just how cool being caffected is for them.  For those of you reading Caffection: Married to My Best Friend, thank you.  It gets better though, our webmaster is showing us tidbits from the upcoming website.  It's informative, interactive and fun.  It's full of resources for caffected couples and the great thing for you is, you already know about Caffection, you'll be able to tell your friends about it.  Got Caffection?  Great, let's storm the world with the message; "Being in a caffected relationship is wonderful.  Everyone should have a love like this!"  It's Electrifying!

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