Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Even with gas prices as high as they are it's nice to fantasize about a luxury trip, a once in a lifetime journey to an exotic island, or land at the end of the world.  We lived that fantasy for almost three years, and we can attest that once you've had a getaway like ours there's no denying the urge to do it all over again.  Kauai is the westernmost of the habitable Hawaiian islands, the most remote group of islands in the world.  We would occasionally drive to Polihale beach on the western shore of the island and look west.  From where we stood the nearest land mass was Japan, three thousand miles away.  It was a getaway like no other.
Sometime in 2010 we will return to Kauai, and you should plan to accompany us.  We'll be offering a Caffection Seminar in the early Spring.  Exact location, date etc. TBA.  Keep checking the blog, and soon the Caffection Website, and we'll fill in the blanks on this once in a lifetime getaway to Hawaii's Garden Isle, the most beautiful place on earth.  Travel with us there and you'll have the privilege of touring this lush, remote island with your best friend, and with us, two people who love the island, and know all about it--places to see, rich cuisine, local attractions, shortcuts only a native knows, and much more.  Get away with us in 2010 to Kauai.

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