Friday, August 8, 2008

You Know You're Caffected When...

...friends think you're pretty weird, and their jealousy just sizzles.  We've dealt with some strange looks, interesting comments and the odd whisper.  It isn't easy at times to be the romantic duo, and display our affection for each other in public.  We were going to fly to Beijing and take in the Olympics, but there was a problem; the Chinese people frown on PDAs, not Personal Digital Assistants--Public Displays of Affection, and since we do those a lot, we figured it wasn't worth an international incident, so we're staying home.
What's wrong with PDAs?  Nothing, as long as you don't frighten the horses.  We witness all manner of mayhem, violence, crude and irreverent behavior every day, but let two people caffect in public and someone wants to call the constable.  We are a bit like the Chinese in that respect.  So, you know you're caffected when people remember how well you interact with each other.  It's a good legacy; I'll take it.
Today in History: Richard Nixon announced that he would resign from office in the wake of Watergate. 
Famous birthday: Tootsie himself, actor Dustin Hoffman 1937   

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