Thursday, August 7, 2008

Caffected as keyword

Google likes us, apparently.  Caffection is slowly making its way up the SE charts, and before long it will be a living, breathing, real thing.   Well, hyperbole aside, Caffection will enter the marketplace of ideas very soon.  
And so we need to clear up any misunderstandings.  Astute readers may have noticed that 'we' don't often use the 'we' speaking about the caffection website.  It's not about us.  It's about all those married couples out there who always knew they were on the right track, but don't get a lot of reinforcement.  This site's for you, as they say.  Caffected may be a keyword, but married best friends is a better one, so congratulations whoever you are, and let's let everyone know we're not just okay, we're terrific!  Steve Jobs tried to wrestle a top executive away from Coca Cola one time, but the fellow wouldn't budge--pay, stock options, retirement, executive washroom, the whole ball of wax.  Exasperated, Jobs finally nailed the guy.  "Do you want to sell fizzy sugary water the rest of your career, or do you want to change the world?"  The fellow quit Coke, and moved west with Apple Computer.  
So, do we want to live in obscurity as average, docile, obscure married folks, or do we want to change the way marriage is perceived in this culture?  I know what I want.

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