Monday, September 1, 2008


We seem to be getting a fair number of readers, but none of you ever comment. We're fairly new to the blogosphere, so is that typical? Or is there something we can do to make it easier to comment? We'd love to hear what you have to say, bad or good, and any constructive criticisms you might have. For instance, a woman in Sanford Florida--Captain Mary--hello down there, and hope all is well. One frequent visitor from Strongsville Ohio checks in, but again no comment. Thus far we've had friends drop in from all over the world--New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, UK, Rio, Canada, Several states in the US, and even a few from the subcontinent and Phillipines. Let us know what you think of the Caffection blog, and let's have a conversation.


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Anonymous said...

Hello this is Tom your waiter from Abuelo's. Thanks for giving me your card. I will check out the site. You're both welcome to comment on my blog.

Tom Over (