Sunday, August 31, 2008

Focused Intention

What we believe, we can achieve.  It's true.  Keeping your focus on what you intend to create, while persisting without exception, your intention appears in your life.  What you focus on expands. 
While hiking we could hear, not readily see, mountain goats. After focusing intently on where the sound was coming from, their subtle movements across the cliff-face became apparent.  
Often it's like that in life as well.  Our focus is on building up and supporting couples in great relationships.   We now see them everywhere, and you can, too.   Next time you're at the mall watch for other couples who have a caffected relationship.  Check out their rituals, such as holding hands, a seductive glance, a secret language...  you know, stuff you do.  Before long you'll be seeing Caffection everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Barak and Michelle seem to be coffected as well? I noticed after his speech on Thursday night they were happy to be together at that moment. It was beautiful. Yet another reason to put Barak in the White House- a Caffected First Couple.