Saturday, September 13, 2008


Passion is a funny emotion.  It's energizing, sensitizing, alarming, and a bit frightening once you decide to cede to it.  It's also an enigma insofar as it involves total commitment disguised as complete surrender.  Human rights and marriage to one's best friend have combined to become our passion, and it feels so right to us that the fear part is quickly giving way to a very different feeling: exhilaration.  If you've ever been strapped into the front car on the Millennium Force roller coaster at Cedar Point, or the Beast at King's Island, the first hill vaults you back in your seat, your heart rate zips up, the crest gets closer, closer, no turning back, the ground falls away, the crest is clearly visible now, nothing but sky ahead as the car rattles straight up.  Then an instant in suspension where time stands still, your pulse pounds in your ears, the car seems to stop, hanging between back, and the chaos of surrender to follow.  In an instant you spill over, fall free, wind gushes, ground rushes at you, gravity vanishes, falling, falling, dizzy, crazy speed with a kaleidoscope of colors, insane forces grab you, jerk you around, on the edge of control, a giddy,hysterical feeling--of what?  Childlike joy?  That's it.  The passion of childhood, when the world was just such a ride, with no constraints, no restrictions, no self-conscious deference to gravity.  The ride screeches to a halt in the station, and you realize that for the first time in years your cheeks ache from smiling with the passion you allowed yourself.  And you want it again.
Caffection is like that: Passion for the simple idea that everyone should have what we have--everyone should be married to their best friend regardless of restrictions of the kaleidoscope of color, age, religion, or gender.  Let go; it's worth the ride.   

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