Sunday, September 14, 2008

Active Adults

Here's a preview of what our website,, will list. A getaway to the island of Kauai in the Spring of 2010 for active, (caffected) adults only. This trip will be limited to a few couples looking for a getaway that pampers, excites, energizes, and satisfies. No kids; no teens; no stress; no low-expectation hotel, dinner or travel offered. Just the exotic, luxurious, different experience you expect. Budget travelers need not apply. We have the insight and experience to offer this trip to those discerning adults, because Kauai was our home for 3 years. We know what's available, where, and at what time. We know the island, and we'll provide the very best, at the level of luxury those privileged to afford this adventure expect, and deserve. But don't wait for the site to go live; we're taking reservations now, with details forthcoming. If you've done Turks & Caicos, Dubai & Ajram, The Galapagos & Baja, and are looking for another memorable experience, have your agent or secretary check with us. Limited, and luxurious. As you deserve, and expect. Mark the date---Spring 2010 on Kauai.

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