Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Team Effort

Before we decided to move ahead with the Caffection website we had no idea what a team effort it would turn out to be. We also had no idea how this 'team' would come together in such a serendipitous way. A webmaster came to us, several computer experts wandered into our path, graced us with their knowledge--some of which we actually retained--and then went on their way, and various artists & visionaries have appeared as if on cue. The whole adventure has been more proof that what R. Buckminster Fuller said is absolutely true. Bucky Fuller lived a life of independent thought, completely free of attachments and worry. His mantra was that whatever we need will come to us "just as it's needed, and just in the nick of time." He trusted the 'team effort' the universe provides, and lived his life accordingly. He gave away every dime he earned, allowed his mind to wander to places none had gone before, and may have been the original outside the box intellect. Fuller would have said, what box? There's no box. Our team effort, the cadre of knowledgeable individuals who magically appeared for us would have been no mystery to Fuller. The upshot of all this is that we've tried to fashion the Caffection site accordingly, with a view to interactivity, and without regard for 'convention'. When our viewers, our ongoing team sit in front of the box navigating the site, we're confident they'll find it more than worth the effort.

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