Thursday, October 2, 2008


We are blessed to be surrounded by great family and friends who support and encourage us. Two of those dear friends have given us much encouragement of late, and have also made us aware of a feature on National Public Radio (NPR) called Story Corps. This is a regular feature of the show in which voices and stories of loved ones are compiled for posterity. Check into it today, and while you're at it, check into, which also has a page for stories about your relationship with the most important person in your life, your spouse. The Caffected couples stories page is just one of many interactive features of the website open today. Welcome to Caffection. Take a minute to tell us about your union, and one of its most endearing events.

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Bob said...

Glad you liked the post. I would be remiss, though if I didn't mention to your readers that, while NPR is a great place to hear StoryCorps stories, they are an independent non-profit organization that depend, in part, on donations. More details and more stories in the archive can be found at

Congrats on your launch - hope its wildly successful!

Bob & Bobbie