Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Better Half, The Lucky One

When I was a kid, I’d heard the strange expression my better half . After Byron & I were married I understood that simple saying had come true. I’m blessed to be married to a man who is genuine, kind, and empathetic. His consideration of my needs takes precedent over his, unconditionally. He’s appreciative of every small gesture I make toward him, returning them tenfold. I enjoy people noticing his nurturing way toward me. When I commented to him just how much I loved his doting, his reply amazed me; “you do the same for me.” The more he did for me, the more I wanted to do for him.  We lived caffection and it showed. Before we left Kauai, Charlie, the security guy at our condo complex, created a C.D. of local songs for us. The first song was one we’d never heard before, yet the lyrics say exactly what Charlie saw in our relationship. What a tribute! Lucky One by Kalaeloa describes the interaction of our caffected marriage. When you put your mate’s needs first and find ways to make their life easier, you’ll quickly notice the same coming back to you. Try it, it's very cool to know your caffected mate feels like they are the lucky one!

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Bob said...

How true - when you recognize your partner as the better half a lot becomes clarified in your relationship and loving becomes simpler.