Friday, October 31, 2008

In Appreciation of Caffected Missionaries

These days we're all
missionaries for one cause or another. Here in the world of CAFFECTION! we're blessed to have a very talented team. Each member of our gang has the benefit of being in a caffected relationship, making them even more committed to the CAFFECTION! mission. It's exciting to know we're doing this for YOU; our family, friends and CAFFECTIONites! Everyone should have a love like this. A special public THANK-YOU to Kathy Rausch and Steve Kurfis --- fantastic work!
Another positive thought for the weekend. I, (Mariah) am an RN. I work in electrophysiology at The Ross Heart Hospital, associated with The Ohio State University Medical Center. It's simply THE best employer I've ever worked for, hands down. There are countless reasons I could name, but one my favorites is the underground tunnel I use when it's raining or cold. These colors are the first & last view of my day; warm, loving, accepting. Life becomes richer when we look for the silver lining in the clouds. "No rain, no rainbows."

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