Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Great motivational speaker Andy Andrews, author of The Traveler's Gift and other best selling books uses a simple mantra in his presentations. "Persist Without Exception". Andy states that people only think they know what that means. That we only need to persist until we discover that there's simply no way to do or be or get what we want. But that isn't what PWE means. It means, quite literally, to persist without any exceptions, hesitations, or interruptions until we, as Andrews says, "find a way where there is no way." He goes on to illustrate his point in reference to The Traveler's Gift, a wonderful little book about seven of the great people in history who only triumphed because they understood PWE. The world is full of people who get within days or inches or attempts of their goal and then give up in the face of adversity. Those who persist without exception end up in history books. Caffected relationships are the romantic, tender, committed example of PWE. Got Caffection? You could make history.

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