Thursday, November 20, 2008

Married Strays

You heard it here first: we're a couple of married strays, that is, straight but highly sympathetic to gays. Here is our mission statement, and in unambiguous terms what we believe: we believe in marriage. we believe that anyone and everyone who wishes to marry the person they love, have the fundamental right to marry. We don't expend our energy defending this position, because the intolerant 'other' side of this issue is indefensible. We believe that when two people love each other enough to want to share their lives, loves, families, dreams, desires and basic human interaction they have the right to marry regardless of gender. Are we strays for promoting such a radical concept? Perhaps. So were all the other pioneers in our history whose vision and clarity came to be understood over time. This issue, too, will be considered quaint. The bottom line is that we're not promoting anything radical, or subversive, or risky, or profane; we're promoting human rights for everyone. If that's radical, we're happy to be strays.

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